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Top 15 Bulk SMS Service Provider company in India

Top 15 Bulk SMS Gateway Service Providers in India

With a +90% open rate, Bulk sms is the most popular way to reach the customers. Over the period, we have emerged as the leading Bulk SMS provider in India with a registered brand name. We’ve used industry specific best practices to satisfy over millions of clients. We believe in complete transparency. Send bulk sms messaging online in real time and get accurate delivery reports. Bulk SMS Company provides you with a simple platform to set up a sms campaign easily.

When we decided to make this list, we wanted to feature both SMS providers that cater to small and medium businesses and repair large enterprise customers. Several companies in India that started India as bulk SMSs have now morphed into full-fledged CPaaS platforms.

We believe that this list is by no means is an exhaustive one and will be considered because the start line to spot your bulk SMS provider in India.

Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

1. Text Local

Text Local is one of the largest and most sought-after bulk messaging service providers. They strive towards increasing sales and places customer satisfaction at the helm. Text local processes smarter messaging campaigns, instant to the second OTP service, along with other rapid fast notifications and two-way interactions.

Large businesses and local businesses alike use Text Local’s services. The service helps sustain small businesses and boosts their sales, simultaneously connecting them with the customers.

2. Fast2SMS

Fast2SMS is a popular bulk messaging provider specialized in fast DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) SMS, which provides promotional, advertising, OTP, and API messages. They also provide other services, including scheduling your messages to be delivered at a specific time or frequently delivering them at given intervals.

3. Mysmsmantra.com

Mysmsmantra is a leading bulk sms provider for over 10 years. We are a unit of MicroNetInfocom& logistics Pvt. Ltd. Over the years, our services have helped hundreds of enterprises to connect with their prospects. Our platform is deployed, used, and trusted by leading businesses across diverse domains.

Mysmsmantra is a leading bulk sms provider in India. We’ve helped businesses easily communicate with prospects & succeed with sms marketing. We provide reliable & cost effective services.

4. TextGuru

Several brands like Bharat Petroleum, Hero Motorcorp, Punjab National Bank, and others trust TextGuru’s services to manage their messaging. TextGuru delivers billions SMSs every 2-5 seconds and incorporates 4X super-fast connectivity. The company has a fast and user-friendly dashboard and is a TRAI-approved bulk SMS aggregator.

5. Exotel

Exotel is among the best bulk SMS providers in India. The cloud telephony platform powers communication for enterprises, startups, and small and medium enterprises in India and Southeast Asia. The company started in 2011 and today helps millions of businesses to deliver SMSs. The platform enables you to deliver SMSs to nearly 190 countries across the world. Leading brands like RedBus, 1MG, Ola, and others rely on Exotel’s service to manage their SMS delivery.

6. Knowlarity

Knowlarity is a cloud telephony platform based headquartered in Singapore. Nearly 6000+ organizations across 65 countries trust Knowlarity’s services to manage their business. The company provides promotional and transaction SMS service to customers—brands like SMC Global, Hyundai, MG Motor, and BharatPe.

7. Value First

Value First was set up in 2003 as an enterprise communication platform that connects businesses with their consumers. The company today powers 4 Billion interactions per month for its customers. In 2021, the company was acquired by Twilio. Twilio is a leading cloud communications and customer engagement platform headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

8. InfoBip

Infobip is a global pioneer in omni channel interaction, enabling a diverse set of messaging channels, tools, and solutions for improved customer interaction, authentication, and security. The company has 65+ offices in 6 continents and over 3,000 experts. Infobip delivers over 100 billion messages a year and directly connects to 650 global telecom partners that connect to 65% of the world’s mobile devices.

9. Gupshup

Gupshup is a messaging services company with primary operations in India, the US, and the UK. The company provides SMS, email, Voice, USSD, and IP messaging and chatbot development services to leading BFSI, Retail, e-commerce companies. Gupshup today ranks among the top bulk SMS providers in India.

10. RouteMobile

Route Mobile is a cloud communications platform as a service headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company has a presence in more than 15 locations across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.

RouteMobile provides its service to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players, and mobile network operators (MNO).

11. SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon is a one-stop solution that caters to messaging requirements, irrespective of whether you want to advertise at a minimal cost or your objective is to reach a huge audience. The platform features a web interface, excel plugin utility, API integration, and other protocols such as SMPP, HTTP, and XML.

12. AcceptSMS

AcceptSMS is radically transformed the way bulk messaging platforms operate. The company focuses on providing companies services on WhatsApp, the best among the private social messaging platforms. They ensure high speed and deliverability, along with better connectivity as compared to its competitors.

13. SMS Root

Offering one of the cheapest rates in a competitive market, SMS Root is a widely popular bulk messaging platform. They provide 2 lakh promotional messages at Rs.10000 and 2 lakh transactional messages at the rate of Rs. 14000. It offers round-the-clock SMS delivery with an intitutive and user-friendly UI.

14. Kaleyra

Kaleyra is the API-based platform that provides businesses with services like personalized messages, chatbots, programmable voice services, and more. The companies services are trusted by Fortune500 companies, top OTT, and 30+ primary banks globally. Kaleyra’s robust SMS APIs promise 99.99% availability and a super-fast response rate of 5ms or less.

15. SMS Gateway Hub

SMS Gateway Hub is a fast, smart, and reliable messaging platform that provides high-volume bulk SMS text messaging for businesses and organizations of all magnitude. You can sign up for free and even represent the company as a reseller.

Final Thoughts

When choosing your bulk SMS provider, consider the following factors: ROI, customer care, access to SMS APIs, the flexibility offered to scale, pricing, data security, and minimal downtime. We hope you found this list of the 15 best bulk SMS providers in India useful, and as mentioned, this is not an exhaustive list, so treat this as the starting point of your search.

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