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5 Reasons we should use Bulk SMS as Part of our Marketing Campaign

There’s a expensive story regarding mobile marketing: it’s all regarding Apps and devices. the reality is, the key to mobile promoting is regarding have interactionment; and there’s a straightforward thanks to engage mobile users: SMS/Text Campaigns!

SMS is Associate in Nursing unbelievably reliable and powerful communication tool. Nowadays, nearly everybody features a movable. On high of that, with ninety eight open rate among quarter-hour of receipt and ninetieth reply rate among three minutes; SMS ought to positively be integrated as a robust participating approach in your overall promoting strategy.

As a result, we have a tendency to area unit presenting the highest five reasons why you ought to embrace SMS as a part of your promoting campaign:

SMS works across all operational system

Unlike mobile apps, SMS capabilities don’t got to be reconciling across completely different operational systems. in addition, it’s already engineered into phones; therefore, regardless if a client is mistreatment humanoid or iOS, you’re ready to reach all of them during a efficient manner.

2. SMS works on all phone varieties

If you’re targeting a demographic that doesn’t have access to a smartphone, as an example seniors, sure Smartphone-specific ways — like one that’s focused around mobile apps — have a decent probability of being wasted. However, SMS technology works on any form of phone from the past 20 years and there’s no sign of the SMS capability turning into obsolete within the future. As a result, SMS allows you to succeed in a good audience while not antagonistic a key shopper phase

3. Customers take a proactive role with SMS campaigns

As critical most email campaigns, customers area unit actively after they opt-in to receive messages on their mobile devices, specifically with SMS. As a result, the recipients area unit acutely aware they selected to receive SMS messages and, as a result, area unit additional possible to be engaged together with your campaign.

4. SMS campaigns produce a private client expertise

With mobile SMS campaigns, brands area unit ready to communicate with customers via additional personalised medium. Customers and marketers will get pleasure from a dependent relationship as customers receive additional custom messages and marketers area unit ready to receive responses in period and gain valuable insights from the interaction.

6. SMS campaigns yield each a high response rate and high conversion rate

As explicit before, ninety eight of text messages area unit opened among the primary quarter-hour of receipt and ninetieth area unit replied to among the primary three minutes. against this, emails campaigns have a twenty fifth open rate and additionally battle against spam and alternative email filters. As a result, once considering promotions, contest or general updates, SMS campaigns area unit a no brainer.

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