Facebook Marketing

How to Get Started with Facebook and Instagram Shops

October 4, 2020

Facebook is gradually rolling out its new Shops for Facebook and Instagram to more regions, and giving more businesses the capacity to sell direct on Facebook via simplified, customized shop options which maximize both presentation and performance. And if you’re looking to open up your own Facebook shop, this could help – Facebook recently added a new Blueprint education overview on how […]

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3 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

August 1, 2020

When you consider the rapid adaptation of technology over time, you would expect that another social media platform would have risen up and taken the mantle in recent years, but Facebook, the looming giant in the space, has remained the most stable and powerful, seeing off all challengers thus far. According to Sprout Social’s ‘2020 critical social […]

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15 Facebook Live Best Practices to Increase Views & Boost Engagement

July 9, 2020

Shy on camera? No problem! Follow these 15 Facebook Live best practices to get maximum views, engagement, and leads from your live videos. Since the supposed death of Facebook organic reach, business owners and marketers have scrambled to find new ways to drum up views for their Facebook pages. The result has been more brands […]

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6 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Can Sink Your Marketing Budget (and How to Avoid Them)

July 7, 2020

Facebook ads can be a great promotional option, and can provide significant benefits, with respect to both increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. But not all Facebook ad campaigns are created equal. Often, even a seemingly simple oversight can cause you to quickly burn through your Facebook ads budget, without getting the results you want. […]

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How to Sell on Instagram and Facebook [Infographic]

June 7, 2020

Facebook recently announced its updated ‘Shops’ feature for both Facebook and Instagram, which will put more emphasis on eCommerce on each platform, and make it easier for SMBs to upload their catalog and start selling items direct from their posts. But the new Shops experience isn’t here just yet, at least for the majority. Facebook’s […]

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