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How to increase followers on Instagram

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If you want to know that how to increase followers on instagram then you stay with this post and read it completely.

In this today I will tell you some such tips and tricks by which you can increase your Instagram followers with rocket speed. If your followers are also 0 then you don’t have to worry.

Friends, when I search on Google or Youtube how to increase followers on instagram, then many of the information I get is not correct.

Here the limit is reached when people advise us to increase followers on Instagram from any application site.

I did an experiment on my fake Instagram account from one such Instagram Followers increasing site. Because I could not take risk on my real Instagram account on which I am active. My followers went from 15 to 250 straight after using the site.

But as soon as I checked my account the next day, it was only 100 left and slowly they were not even 100 followers.

So you stay away from such apps and sites, it will not benefit you and your account may also be banned. The same thing is with the apps and sites that give likes, you should not use them either.

Today Instagram is the largest and most popular photo sharing platform in the world. Because of which you want to be famous on Instagram. Today, any celebrity, he is most active on Instagram.

Whatever follower you have, it should be real and active. Because nothing happens by having a follower, you should also get likes which only real and active user can do.

Today I will give you some tips by which you can get real and active followers.

How to increase your Instagram followers: Follow these tips of mine to increase your Instagram followers.

1. Create account with Facebook

If you have not yet signed up for an Instagram account and you have a Facebook account, then you can create an account from Facebook itself.

This will help your Facebook friends who are on Instagram know that you have created an Instagram account and may start following you.

2. Optimize Instagram Profile

The first thing you need to do is optimize your account after the account is created or your already created one. You go to your Instagram account and click on your profile.

After that click on edit profile.

The information you have not given, give as much information as possible such as email, bio, name and everything. You choose a friendly username that is simple and related to your name.

Apart from this, you put a good and quality photo on your profile. This will have a positive effect on people and the chances that they will follow you will increase greatly.

3. Upload good quality photo

Whatever photo you upload, its quality should be very good and it should be very clear. If you can, get your photo taken with Dslr. If you do not have a Dslr and you cannot afford Dslr then you can take a photo from a good mobile.

In today’s time, a good camera is also available in mid-range phones. Do not use excessive editing and filters, it will reduce the quality of your photo.

4. Use Hashtags

Whatever you post, you must add # in it like #Diwali #Travel #fashion means whatever your photo is related to. You will get this option while uploading the photo.

Whatever photo you upload, if it is related to any trending topic, then definitely upload the trending topic related to it. It can also happen that your post becomes viral and you get followers and likes.

You can find out about #Hashtags going viral on Instagram by searching Google.

5. Create Reels on Instagram

In today’s time instagram reels in India is far ahead of any other short video platform. Instagram Reels has great potential that you can increase your followers by creating reels on Instagram.

You can also upload photos and short videos on your Instagram account. Videos can easily go viral on reels so that your followers will increase.

You can create many types of short videos on Instagram. If you like to make drawings then you can make shorts of drawings.

You can make jokes videos, you can make videos on personal finance, you can make videos on fitness and others that you like.

Overall, there is a great opportunity to increase followers on instagram reels.

6. Like others on Instagram

You write to other people on Instagram and comment on their posts.

This will make instagram feel that you know each other and whenever you post, your post will also reach that person and he will like you and if he likes your post then he can also follow you.

If you want, you can follow people, but if you follow more famous people thinking that they will also follow you, then this will not happen because their followers will be in lakhs and they will not follow you.

You must follow people whom you know personally.

7. Must write local location

Whenever you post, you must write the local location.

With this Instagram will make your post viral to all the users active on your location and you will get good likes.

With this there is every possibility that your followers will also increase.

8. Upload Photo on Trending Topic

If you can upload any NC post whose topic is in trending then it will be great. For example, if you have a festival, then you upload a related photo from it, if any other kind of thing is viral, then upload its photo.

Use the perfect #hashtags to target trending topics from them. If you do all the work properly then your post will definitely go viral.

9. Be Regular on Instagram

Now the most important thing for you is to be regular and active on Instagram. You post daily on Instagram.

If you never find on post then it is not much problem but if you do not post for more time then your account will not be important for Instagram and will not make your post viral.

You choose a fixed time for posting Instagram like you will post at 2 o’clock in the day, then people who follow you well will be aware of when you will get the photo and they will be active on Instagram.

10. Maintain Instagram account engagement

It is important that you maintain engagement on Instagram Account. If the engagement of your account is over, then your followers and likes will also start falling.

To keep the Instagram account engaged, you use Instagram regularly. You post regularly on Instagram. And reply to the comments coming on the post. And you must like and comment on other people’s posts.

11. Promote Instagram Account

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube or other social media, then you can promote your Instagram account on these platforms as well.

You can tell people that you are on Instagram by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube or other social media. You can request people to follow you in the post. If you have any other method of promotion, then you can use that too.

12. Must put Stories on Instagram

Posting stories on Instagram account is very beneficial. Stories increase engagement of your Instagram account as well as maintain engagement.

13. Upload photo with others

An easy way to increase followers on Instagram is to collab with other people. In general, youtubers use this method a lot. Youtuberscollab with other creators and upload videos.

In this way the followers of both increase. On Instagram, you have to collab with a person and upload his photo. The more followers that person has, the more you will benefit. First of all take a photo together.

You post that photo on your account and tag that person. You ask the person in front to do the same and ask yourself to tag. With this you will get the followers of the person in front.

14. Do not increase Followers and Likes from Site or App

If you do not use any kind of auto follower and likes increasing tools if apps or sites.

If you use such tools, then you will get followers in the beginning but they will work again with time.

The reason for this is that Instagram is very advanced now. He detects which followers are real and which ones are fake and he will remove your followers.

The reason for this is that these followers are not real, it is a robot ID, it is just a coding script. If for some reason Instagram does not reduce your followers, then you will not get likes because they only follow, not likes.

If you use a tool to increase likes, then its likes will also not last. The biggest disadvantage of this is that your Instagram account can be deleted at any time. So it is good for you that you should stay away from such tools and follow the tips given by me to increase followers.

If you have already used such tools, then do not do it further. If there are very few real followers on your instagram profile and there are not many photos etc. then you can also delete your Instagram account.

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