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How to post video on Instagram?

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Do you also want to know how to post videos on Instagram? Then you can do this very easily. All you need for this is a good smartphone and a good internet connection. You can just open your Instagram App and upload your video and post it there.

Don’t worry, I am going to provide you complete information step by step. You have to follow all the steps given below. Before that it is very important for you to know that video is a very important part of Instagram. By the way, you will not get as many likes on the video as compared to the picture, but there is more engagement on the video as well as more comments come as compared to the photo.

By the way, there are many ways to upload a video on Instagram because either you will shoot the video on your phone and upload it, or else you will publish the video shot from somewhere on your Instagram account. There will be some difference between these two methods.

What are Instagram feed videos?

In-feed video or Instagram feed video are videos that are available in the original Instagram video format on your official Instagram app. Whenever you post an in-feed video, this video appears in your Instagram feed.

These video posts are posted the same way you would add a photo to Instagram: that is, using Instagram’s built-in camera or uploading them from your phone’s video library.

An in-feed video can be as long as 60 seconds. Boomerangs and GIFs are also included in this category. Here you can read how to make reels on Instagram.

How to post video on Instagram?

If you already have the video on your phone that you want to post, then follow the steps below to post it. If you do not know about video, then definitely read how to make video on Instagram. The video I am talking about here is an “in-feed” video that is a regular video that you get to see when you are scrolling through the news feed.

Step 1. Open your Instagram App

First, you have to open Instagram on your smartphone and then click on the + sign, which is located in the middle of the bottom menu.

Step 2. Switch on “Videos”

Doing so will open your phone’s media library. To go to the folder containing Videos, you have to tap on the drop-down menu. This is where you have to select a video that you want to post.

Step 3. Select a Video

Now select the video you want to post on Instagram. If the video isn’t square-shaped, you can use the arrow icon to adjust it to suit the screen. By doing this your video will not be cropped according to the square format of Instagram.

Step 4. Apply Filters

When you are about to post your video on Instagram, before that the platform offers you with many video editing options. Such as options like apply filters, trim your video, and choose a cover. All these options are there to improve your video.

If you want to make your video longer then you can combine small videos together. In such a situation, the video clips will be joined together in one video, and will automatically start playing one after the other.

Step 5. Write a Nice Caption

In the end, you have to write a good description for your video. At the same time, to increase the reach of your video, you can use the location feature and hashtags on the description. By doing this, your video will reach more and more people, when you post a video.

If you want, you can shoot a video directly and post it on Instagram. To do this you have to open your app, click on + sign and switch on “Video”. In this way, you can shoot your video in real time and share it with your audience.

What are the recommended video sizes for Instagram in-feed videos?

Now let us know what are the standard formatting requirements of any Instagram in-feed videos:

Instagram in-feed Video Specs

  • Required video length: maximum 60 seconds video
  • Required video dimensions: maximum 1080px wide
  • Preferred format: MP4 (with H.264 Codec and AAC audio, 3,500 kbps video bitrate)
  • Frame rate: 30fps or less

Why can’t I post videos on Instagram?

If you are having trouble doing videos on instagram, then you should restart your Instagram app a couple of times. Sometimes this happens due to some glitches as well. If possible, update your app as well.

How long can an Instagram feed video be?

Instagram feed video can be from 3 to 60 seconds.

What did you learn today?

I hope you must have liked my article on how to put a video on Instagram. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the recommended video sizes of these Instagram in-feed videos to the readers, so that they do not have to search other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

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