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Top 10 Money Making Apps (2021 -2022)

Top 10 Money Making Apps (2021 -2022)

Friends, in 2021, Money Making Apps are also asked on the internet today or something like this – Money Making Apps

Friends, these types of questions are asked from a lot of people.

Friends, today the smart phone has become almost everyone in the world and everyone is doing it on mobile, in this way many people have such questions in their mind whether we are mobile. You can make money through app.

Friends, if we talk about earning money, then today there are many ways to earn money online where you can earn money from work.

Some people also know about those methods, after that we will also know about the Money Making Apps Friends, if you want to earn money by working online, then you can earn money in some of these ways.

Friends, when it is very important to earn money from mobile aap, then people go to goggle play store to download mobile aap and search there Money Making Apps then they get to see aap from such a lot.

And they dwonload any of them aap and work with the methods mentioned in that aap and money is also deposited in that aap’s wallet but when o work for few days and o those money in your account If you have to take, then they do not get that because of you aap is fraud, you do not get any money from that aap. And in this way, they feel disappointed and o people do not trust any aap after that, even if o aap gives money right, they do not believe.

List of Money Making Apps sitting at home

1.    PayBox

2.    GameZop

3.    Vahan Job Finder

4.    RozDhan App (My Faourite)

5.    Doubtnut App

6.    PhonePe App

7.    Playment

8.   Meesho

9.   Dream 11

10.  Roz Dhan

Friends, now we will know about the money-earning aap, which one is the aap from which you can earn money, friends, let me tell you that you cannot earn lakhs from these aap but you can earn some money. You will find all of them in the play store.

Friends, if you do not find any app, then you may not be disappointed that o aap has been removed from the play store.

Friends, before knowing about the making money app, let me tell you that you should have this thing.

Like smartphone friends, you will need a smartphone.

And you should have internet because you do all the work online to earn money, due to which internet is needed.

Friends, it is necessary to have paytm wallet and bank account because some of you also give money in paytm and some pay through bank account.

Friends, you have been told about some aap in the niche, out of which you can download that aap which you like and you can earn money by working on it.

1. PayBox

Rs.15 Sign up Bonus

This is a game and quiz website/app. it’s a good

Android is also money earning app/website. Refer Earn – It pays Rs.5/Refer. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Self-Earning Daily – Do games, quizzes, contests and other simple tasks to earn daily money.

Register with Paytm KYC / Mini KYC number to receive money without failure.

2. GameZop

This is a website/app to play games and tournaments and win money. You can win Rs. By playing 11,000 games per day from this website/app.

This is another best website/app from the list of top 5 earning apps for android in India.

1. Refer & Earn – This website/app gives Rs.5/refer. You can withdraw this money in Paytm instantly.

2. Play Games and Earn Money – In this app/website, you can play games and earn money. Many people are winning very  good amount on daily basis. 1. Open Chrome browser in “Incognito Mode”. Paste your referral link in the address bar.

Now register with new mobile number. You will get Rs 2 immediately. to your main GameZop account.

2. Now turn off Incognito Mode.

3. After this turn on the flight mode in the mobile for 5 seconds.

4. Now turn off Flight Mode. In this way, the IP address will change.

3. Vahan Job Finder

It is Rs. 10/refer.

WhatsApp will be opened. Whatever is shown, just send the code. It may take some time to receive the message. So wait for that.

Then fill the details and create your referral link.

While generating your referral link, provide your Paytm KYC / Mini KYC number so that you receive payment without fail.

Start sharing your referral link to friends/whatsapp groups.

Now on clicking your referral link you will get Rs.10 instantly. See you till

4. RozDhan App (My Favorite)

This apps gives you a bonus of Rs 50 for free. This will cost you Rs.6. / gives the referrer.

This is a genuine and trending app and one of the best money making apps for android. You can earn regular with it on daily basis. In this app, you will find news articles and games. This is one of the best android apps to earn money.

Earning Methods:-

  • self-earning
  • watch and earn
  • monetize your network

5. Doubtnut App

It pays Rs.5 per referrer.

You will get automatic payment in your Paytm every Monday. Link your PaytmKyc / Mini Kyc number to receive your payment.

It is associated with a big company. This is an education app where you can clear your doubts on any subject. This is also a good money earning android app.

6. PhonePe App

Get Cashback up to Rs.1000 (New)

User) – Follow the below steps and watch the full T&C.

Another one, one of the best money making apps in India, is also a payment app. This app is very popular. It also offers cash back on bill payments, money transfers and mobile recharges.

1. Good Cash back Offer – This app gives very good cash back on transactions. There are many exciting cash back offers running on this app all the time. Check out the offers section in this app.

2. Refer &Earn – It gives Rs.100 / Refer.

PhonePe App Cash back Proof – Check out this snapshot of PhonePeCash back. You don’t think how easy it is to earn money from this android app to earn money.

7. Playment

This is an interesting Android app that can be used by any person from India. Here you can select tasks from different tasks and complete it to earn money

You have to create an account using Facebook and verify your mobile number to pay better than others. Just for joining you will earn points.

8. Meesho

Meesho this is also a paisekamanewala app here also we can earn money by working Meesho is a reseller mobile aapeven here you can earn money without investing money Meesho aap is a shopping mobile aap like amazon and flipkart here people buy and sell goods.

You have to register first in Meesho aap, for this you have to download Meesho’s mobile.

To earn money on Meesho, you must first share the link of the product given on Meesho with your friends and relatives. The more product you get from the bike, the more money you will get.

In this way you can earn money from meeshoaap

9. Dream 11

Dream11 is a fantasy gaming platform for multiple sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Kabaddi and Basketball. The fantasy cricket game of Dream11 requires you to select users to form a fantasy team of cricketers competing in a specific event. You get points based on how your selected players perform in actual matches.

Points are calculated after the game, and you can compare your performance with the performance of other players in the league. The winning amount is credited to your bank account at the end of each game.

10.  Roz Dhan

One of the best money making apps in India, this is an interesting app that helps you earn money every day. The app gives you different ways to earn money, like reading news, playing games or taking surveys. The money goes to your Paytm Wallet which you can redeem later.

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