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Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps for your smartphone

5 Free Video Editing Apps

A smart online video is the next best alternative to being there personally in front of your audience in real life.

If you want to start making amazing video content for your Social Media audience or your digital marketing campaign, apart from shooting great videos you will also need to edit them.

Videos that are well-produced are a more engaging form of content marketing than static images alone and can reduce a customer’s hesitation in making a purchase or in pressing the “Follow” or “Subscribe” button.

Video editing is what makes a raw video get packaged into an amazing piece of content that will drive results for you as a digital/social media marketer or a Content Creator.

There common challenge a lot of marketers and content creators face with video editing is that they feel it is a very complex task that involves big-budget equipment and expensive software that are way too complicated to learn.

That’s not entirely false.

But with the evolution of content creation, and advent of smartphones that have almost replaced DSLR cameras, content creation has got democratized immensely.

You can also manage video editing without having to shell out crazy money. There are many free video editing apps for both Android and iPhone that make video editing a breeze!

Here are my 5 favorite ones:

InShot App

It’s available on both Android and iOS.

InShot app is a pocket-sized, but powerful content and video editing app. It allows you to create videos, trim and merge multiple video clips, cut or delete certain parts of a video, and also adjust video speed. It allows you to create videos for any social network in any resolution. The app also allows you to add Voice Overs and Background music in your videos. There are many filters available that can change the whole mood of your videos in a single tap. Apart from that you can add static and animated stickers (emojis) and even your own images to your videos.

It is a great video editing app that allows you to create quick social media or digital channel content. But why I love this app so much is that with some hacks and workarounds, it can create some amazing videos that will leave people wondering how could it be done on a phone!

The free version of this app has a default watermark that can be removed by watching an ad. The premium version opens up a lot more resources within the app, which is completely worth it IMO.


It’s available on both Android and iOS.

This is another one of my favorite apps that comes from the house of GoPro cameras. This app allows you to just select your clips that you want in the video, select one of the 28 video styles, select the music you want and just get a unique stylish video.

This is especially great for stylish product videos and social media content by content creators.

However, there is one challenge here that this app does not give a lot of editing control to the user.

This app is free of cost.


Only available on iOS.

This is the pre-bundled app that comes with iOS as well as MacOS. It is basic but a smooth app which allows you to import and arrange clips in your video. Each of those clips can be individually edited.

You can add text, filters and transitions to your videos. You can also trim and arrange clips, use Ken Burns effect (movement to still images), and speed can also be adjusted. You can also create Hollywood style trailers of your videos with just a click.

You can use the bundled sounds or import your own sound tracks.

This app is free of cost.


Available on both Android and iOS.

KineMaster is another popular video editing app that is easy to use. It has a nice UI and allows you to add effects,text, and music to your videos.

KineMaster lets you to record sound that can be added to your video. It also has a well-populated audio library on the KineMaster Asset Store. In this app, recording an audio or video can be done in real-time (unlike most other editing apps) and you can also add multiple layers of images, text, sounds, animations, stickers, etc to your video.

You can also use video adjustment tools to adjust the brightness, colors, and saturation of the video. The app has some pretty cool features and it has a simple UI.

The only challenge in this is that it has a free version with a watermark but you can upgrade to a paid version to remove that.


Available on iOS (for editing both videos & photos) and on Android (editing only photos).

This is another incredible app if you want to make really cool videos to put up on your Instagram stories or on TikTok.

Prequel, even in its free version, has a lot of unique featuers like face correction in a moving video, D3D photo – turns your photo into a 3D video, Slowmerang – Boomerang, but in slow-motions.

The developers have stated that all the features will come to the Android version too but that is yet to happen.

The free version of this app also has enough features to keep you going.

I hope this list will help you make some really amazing videos for your social media accounts or digital campaigns.

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